Do all EX spouses really enjoy making your life a living hell?!


Our arrangements with our child has been screwy since the separation two and a half years ago. I gave up the 1 thing I struggle to live with daily and my heart breaks each time (which is often) there is a reminder of it... 

I was invited to my best friends 30th birthday party tomorrow which my EX knew about and we arranged it so we each get our kid before he's gone out of state for a few weeks with his grandparents. Then my EX calls me with absolutely no warning that he's dropping off our son today. I wasn't happy... #1 I have no food in the house for him that'll last up until next week and #2 I am unable to make my friends party that is for adults only. I rarely go out, it's been almost 8 months since I have so I was really looking forward to it! I love my son SO MUCH but it's healthy to be with friends and see other atmospheres than your own house and countless doctor offices.... Right or am I just expecting too much?      * END RANT *

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    1. these

      Awww Thank you!

      April 17, 2017